Projects – Cooperations

The Management Team of Flow Energy has extensive experience in the Energy sector, as over the years they have successfully teamed up with multinational corporations, independent energy companies, state corporations and institutes, service contractors and a variety of consulting engineering companies, such as:

  • Wintershall (Germany)
  • Oceanic Exploration Co (USA)
  • Denison Mines (Canada)
  • North Aegean Petroleum Co (Greece)
  • DEP S.A. (Greece)
  • DEP-EKY S.A. (Greece)
  • WoodsidePetroleum
  • SIPETROL International
  • Oil Search Ltd.
  • PETROM (Romania)
  • ROMPETROL (Romania)
  • REPSOL (Italy)
  • OMV (Hungary)
  • Enterprise Oil, Co (UK)
  • Union Texas (USA)
  • Occidental Petroleum (USA)
  • MOL Oil and Gas Ltd, (Hungary)
  • HE&D – Renewables S.A., (Greece)
  • TGS-NOPEC, (Norway)
  • WORLD ENERGY, (Switzerland)
  • BKW FMB Energie AG, (Switzerland)
  • GAFFNEY, CLINE &Associates, (UK)
  • DEPA, (Greece)
  • MARTIFER (Portugal)
  • Institute of Energy for South East Europe [IENE], (Greece)
  • NTUA, (Greece)
  • ZARDOS, (Cyprus)
Project – Description Date Client Sector
Cooperation Agreement with Energean Oil & Gas 2014 Energean Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
0.66 MW Photovoltaic Power Plant in Northern Greece (Study and licensing of 0.66 MW Photovoltaic Power Plant in Kilkis, Northern Greece, for Apollon Energeiaki) 2010 Apollon Energy Company Renewables
Representation of MOL in Greece for E&P of hydrocarbons in Ioannina and N.W. Peloponese 1999-2003 MOL Exploration & Production
DEPA: Feasibility pre-study of natural gas national network’s expansion to N.Peloponese 2003  DEPA Assessment
Professional Services (regarding fiscal,environmenta and contractual matters) for the E&P of the concessions in W.Greece offshore, Patraikos Gulf and Aitoloakarnania blocks 1999-2002 Triton Hellas Renewables
Geophysical Survey- cooperation for seismic survey in Cyprus 2001 TGS-NOPEC Exploration & Production
Study and shareholder of a project of a 15MW Wind Farm in Attica, Greece 2001 HE&D Renewables
E.U. programme – Assistance to the Oil and Gas Sector of Turkmenistan 2000 Energo Exploration & Production
Environmental Impact Study for the Project “Offshore hydrocarbon exploration drilling in Ionian Sea” 2000 Triton Exploration & Production
Environmental impact assessment study for the project “Offshore hydrocarbon exploration drilling in the Gulf of Patraikos, Western Greece” 2000 Triton Exploration & Production
H2S Contingency Plans in Evinos Drilling Operations (Provide services for the execution of environmental studies and contingency plan for Evinos drilling 2000 Triton Exploration & Production
Environmental Impact Assessment study for the project “Exploration of hydrocarbons in the area of Tryfos, Aitoloakarnania” 1999 Triton Exploration & Production
Oil Spill Response plan for offshore seismic operations, Gulf of Patraikos West Block, Greece 1999 Triton Exploration & Production
Evaluation of oilfields in Georgia 1997 Tracs International consultancy Exploration & Production